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Darla Hendricks


Happy Tuesday, everyone!

    What a great week we had last week reading Henry and Mudge, talking about camping, then making our own s’mores on Friday!  I think some of us need to tweak our journal writing about how to make a s’more!  They realized how important details are to writing!  Over the weekend I worked at school and moved the kids around, so they will come home excited to be in a new group.  Be sure you ask them what ‘continent’ they belong to now! 


2)   Thanks for everyone for supporting our Francis Book Fair!  And thank you so much for donating books for our classroom!  I think our favorite so far is “We Don’t Eat Our Classmates”!  So funny!

3)  Also remember there is a link on our Francis website on which you can do other shopping (Walmart, Kohls, Target, Sam’s, etc.)  Francis earns credits this way!

4)  Biggest news of all—Julia Martin is back with us.  We are back to 19 kiddos!

     In reading this week, we are reading a selection about the desert.  During the week the kids will be deciding and planning on what to put in their diorama.  We are making small ones out of plastic food containers (similar to the ones which strawberries come in) and the kids will draw their scene.  Hopefully a little sand and a few rocks can be added. 

     In phonics and spelling, we will be focusing on beginning /k/=c sound, short e, contractions, n=/ng/ and ck=/k/.  Also on the spelling list this week I added a few words we all seem to be misspelling in our writing.

     Math will focus on sorting by attributes, drawing out our math problems to represent ‘some, some more’ and ‘some, some went away’. 

     Graded papers and a letter pertaining to your child’s beginning of the year reading scores will be in tomorrow’s binder.  Thank you!


Mrs. Hendricks




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